30% Anniversary Sale at Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories

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Haus Laboratories Sparkle Lipstick in Red with Gold Flecks, Wow!

30% Anniversary Sale at Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories

In a recent Ipsy Plus Bag, I received Sparkle Lipstick from Haus Laboratories, Lady Gaga’s cosmetics brand. It’s aptly named Burlesque: it’s a universal, true red with gold flecks. So pigmented, one swipe is full coverage. Although it is supposed to be a metallic, to me it has a satin finish. The gold flecks give the lipstick dimension and shine, but they don’t stand out as glitter. Stunning.

30% Anniversary Sale at Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories

The lipstick is as light as a feather. I hardly know I’m wearing it. It’s lightly hydrating. It doesn’t wander into lip lines. With many reds, I need a lip liner, but with this one, I don’t. It stays put.

30% Anniversary Sale at Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories

Sparkle Lipstick comes in a silver/black ombre square plastic tube that feels like metal. The cap clicks into place as if it were magnetic. 

30% Anniversary Sale at Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories

Everything about this lipstick from Haus Laboratories is high quality and high end. I love it. If you’re a fan of high wattage red lipstick that’s exceedingly comfortable to wear, you need this one. regular price: $20; $14 with 30% off

Haus Laboratories Product Line

Haus’ product line is somewhat idiosyncratic to my mind. It focuses squarely on high pigment color cosmetics, and there’s no foundation and no powder. There’s only one shade of bullet lipstick, Burlesque, in the Sparkle Lipstick line, but there are:

  • 31 shades of lip gloss
  • 22 shades of matte lip crayons
  • 5 shades of hybrid lip oil stain
  • 16 shades of lipliner
  • and an intriguing compact with two colors of Velvet Lip Pigment.

There are 4 different types of eyeliners – liquids, pencil, gel, and kohl – in black, of course, but also in colors.

There are 9 pressed powder eyeshadow quads, one 10 pan palette and one 18 pan palette of brights. There are 13 shades of liquid shimmer powder and 4 metallic cremes.

There are 13 shades of brow pencils, and there’s a sparkle brow and lash sparkle topper.

For cheeks, there are 7 blush/highlighter duos and 5 bronzer/highlighter duos.

And you can even buy sets and collections with different types of makeup products to give you everything you need in one set or collection.

In sum, it’s a very intriguing brand that celebrates makeup. And after a year of wearing little to no makeup, I am hearing Haus Laboratories’ siren song loud and clear.

Haus Laboratories 2 Year 30% off Anniversary Sale

Haus Laboratories, a vegan and cruelty-free brand, is celebrating its second anniversary and giving back to its customers with a 30% off sale. Just enter the code 2YEARS at checkout. So far, I have Blaze (rose) Lip Gloss in my basket. I’m considering either a liquid shimmer powder or metallic creme shadow. 

Take a look at the HL lineup. Let me know if anything speaks to you.

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