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Knitted and straw bags to welcome summer in style

The pure summer style bags τσάντες γυναικείες, the straw and the knitted are again timidly entering the fashion foreground and challenge us to adopt from now on the hottest accessory of the next 4 months! In brown, beige and black shades, in clutch, tote or crossbody designs, below you will find our top ten options from all the new collections of our favourite brands.

If you are looking for an all-day piece, invest in a great shopper bag. If you still want something more discreet and evening, a black envelope or a small round straw bag is all you need to complete your most formal, summer outfits.

Choose which of the following suits your style, which has the colour that is combined with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe and follow from now on, with a simple click, the hottest trend in accessories this summer too! Good shopping! 

What material is a women’s straw bag made of?

The main material that a straw bag is made of is the Magadaskaris mat, the bamboo, the rattan, the raffia, etc. You can find it in many sizes and it is usually handmade. There are several with lining and imaginative leather straps so you can wear it on the shoulder or cross. Of course, with the right outfit, it can accompany you from your morning walks to your evening outings and at every social event.


How many types of women’s straw bags are there?

The women’s bag is an integral part of every woman’s daily life. The types of women’s bag are too many to serve all her needs. Of course, the choices in women’s straw bags are many, in many sizes, designs and colours.

There are straw bags on the market with a straw strap but also with a leather strap. The bags with the leather strap are suitable for the city and your daily walks while they match uniquely with your sandals or sunglasses.

In various shapes such as round or square, they combine beautifully with colourful tops, pants, dresses and shorts in the morning and with overalls for more casual evening events.

How do you combine a straw bag with your style?

We all have our style and this can be seen even from the choice of the bag with which we move every day. Some we choose backpacks, some large handbags, some smaller, others we move without bags or we choose medium bags. In any case, straw bags come in a variety of sizes to suit even the most demanding of us.

You can prefer the small straw bags for the evening outings and due to its low price, there will be several in your closet that you can change depending on your outfit. In case you don’t want to have a lot of bags in your wardrobe, you can choose a large round straw bag that will comfortably hold all your necessary personal items, even for a trip.

How can you combine your straw bag with jean pants?

Jean pants are the only women’s clothing we never part with no matter what time of year we go through. So combine your favourite high-waisted jean pants or your comfortable boyfriend jeans and a nice monochrome top for evening and evening walks with your friends. Of course, with a high-heeled sandal or a flat sandal, your straw bag will not only not spoil your style but will discreetly draw all eyes on you.

How can you combine your straw bag with a skirt?

It is known that women’s straw bags can highlight and match most of the colour combinations that you will include in your wardrobe. You can wear it with a mini, midi or even a long skirt with ruffles for a more airy street style.

How can you combine your straw bag with pants?

The straw bag is an ideal choice for your social events during the summer months. You can set it with a pair of fabric pants and a silk or linen top for the more daring ones with a one-piece suit in earthy shades. Complete your ensemble with high-heeled sandals in a nude shade and lightly holding your hair.

How can you combine your straw bag with dresses?

Airy floral dresses are ideal for spring and summer and are available in many lines and designs. The straw bag goes well with a light strapless dress or a medium-light coloured dress for your daily walks in the city, for a morning or afternoon coffee with your friends. Complete this comfortable style with your espadrilles, flat shoes or low-heeled sandals.

How to buy a women’s straw bag?

Nothing is more reminiscent of summer than a straw bag. It is our ultimate accessory and companion from our beach trips to our summer vacations and evening outings.

There are many sizes and they can carry from many personal items to just the essentials, without losing their shape and form. You can choose for your favourite to buy a handmade bag from mats or some factory-made.

All you have to do is decide on the type of straw bag you want to buy. You can get small bags with a leather clasp or larger, square with a handle, in tote style. All bags should be lined with fabric to protect them while you use them.

What to look out for before buying a straw women’s bag?

Find a reputable store or manufacturer. If you are looking for a modern and affordable straw bag, find out about the offers available in straw shops. You can easily find traditional and modern bags, decorated with fabrics but also decorative stones or crystals. Also painted in many colours but also with wonderful applications.

Of course, you can buy your next favourite straw handbag online from our store You can find it in a variety of designs, colours and other branded companies.


How do you clean your straw bag?

Before the time comes when the straw bag will accompany us in our daily lives and will be our favourite accessory, it is good to clean it properly. So before we put on our floral airy dresses and go for a walk in the spring shop windows for shopping, let’s learn how to properly clean our straw bag.

Like leather bags, straw bags require a little more care and maintenance, and they can’t be left unprotected, with dust in our closet. Fortunately, cleaning a straw bag is not that difficult.

The you have been prepared following a guide to what to do to clean your straw bag:

Step 1: Empty your bag

The basic steps for cleaning your straw bag and any bag are to empty it! Of course, when you say empty, we mean it literally. Not all items, no matter how small, should be in your women’s bag.

Step 2: Bring the inside out to your bag

If possible, pull out the inside of your bag so you can clean it of dust and possible debris or crumbs. You can, of course, use your vacuum cleaner at low voltage to clean its interior lining.

Step 3: Clean the outside of your straw bag

Wet a soft microfiber cloth, preferably white so that it cannot leave any colour in your bag and start wiping it gently. If it’s really dirty, use at least two different cloths.

Step 4: Stains are not allowed!

Since the straw bag looks and is more beautiful when it is clean, and since it looks a bit “raw” anyway, there is no reason to have more “stains” on it. We know you bought your straw bag and will use it in your daily activities, so you will have to work very hard to remove some stains it may have.

If you can’t remove stains with a simple soft damp cloth, take another piece of liquid cloth and add two or three drops of baby shampoo or dish detergent to it. Creating soap and gently wiping the spot is sure to remove even the most durable stains.

If there is a persistent but extremely small stain that you cannot remove, use a wet cotton swab from the above solutions or a toothbrush but always with caution!

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