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4 points to consider before buying a security door

4 points to consider before buying a security door

Security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας are the top of security of a home and a business space. It is very important, especially nowadays, to make sure that we are adequately protected from any cunning robber who will want to exploit our efforts and our personal belongings and who will threaten our physical and mental integrity.

If you are in the process of searching for the right security door then the following article will help you discard the amount of information you receive, but also be able to come up with that product that will suit your space and your aesthetics with the best way, offering you maximum security and protection.

There is a huge number of products on the market that promise to protect you, but what can be the product you choose? We talked to the security door experts and asked them to point out the points we should focus on before choosing a purchase.

The certifications on the security doors

In case you have already started your searches you will have found that there is a very large number of products that seem to be ideal for the burglary protection of your space.

But the question is which of them promise to offer you the best security and which are able to deliver on that promise? It is very important to know that security doors are not necessarily security doors.

Real security doors are products that have successfully passed specific tests, which are pre-determined by the European Institutes and according to which the degree of resistance of a door is checked in any possible attempt to violate it, within a certain period of time.

So before you rush to choose a security door, ask for all the necessary certificates that should accompany it. So when someone suggests a security door, be sure to ask to see the corresponding papers that certify what he says.

The grade of the security door

Security doors are classified in a class scale that is rated from 1 to 6 with 6 being the maximum grade.

It is therefore good for each product for which you choose to be informed to know the grade of its class.

The security door lock

To achieve maximum burglary protection you should choose to install one of the new technology security locks – κλειδαριες ασφαλειας on your door.

So you should choose a security door with a new generation security lock or a security door, which may accept a similar product on it in the future.

The reliability of the company with the security doors

To be sure of the final product that you will choose to install in your home it is very important to choose to visit the right company.

If you choose a reliable company, with years of experience in the field that works with the best production companies, both in Greece and in Europe, then you will be able to feel and be safer about the choice you will make and whether the money you will take place.

One such company with security doors and security locks is Alfino Doors.

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How to drain sewer pipes in Athens?

How to drain sewer pipes in Athens?

Water is difficult to remove from the clogged sink or basin. With the right tools obstruction companies Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου use, you can easily deal with the clogging of the sewer pipe.

A sewer usually does not clog sharply, but slowly, over time. Soap residues, hairs and food debris in the kitchen sink accumulate in the drain pipe. In most cases the blockage is done in the siphon located under the sink or the toilet bowl. An amount of water always remains in this part of the U-shaped pipe after each use.

The water that remains in this part of the piping is a natural trap for the odours coming from the network, but it is often the cause of the accumulation of suspended particles.

Which are the simplest ways to clean sewer pipes?

  1. Mechanical cleaning with a clogging pump with compressed air in a cartridge
  2. With a rubber suction cup
  3. Calling for immediate “surgery” one of the many professionals for blockages Apofraxeis Antoniou in Athens, for the most difficult situations in your sewer.

If you want to “act” on your own, and the use of the above devices does not have the desired results, it remains to disassemble the siphon.

Use a brush, hot water and a fat-soluble cleaner to remove any solids that have accumulated on the inside walls of the osmotic trap. Also, disassembly is necessary, if the blockage is located after the osmotic trap, in the direction of water flow. Work with the cleaning brush should be done with the necessary care, as the brush head can cause damage to the piping. Exercise the required force with great precision and do not continue to rotate the head if it is jammed. It can be said with relative certainty that one of these methods will dismantle the sewer.

Less practical is the preventive process with biological means in the form of tablets or powder. According to the manufacturer, you should throw them in the sink at regular intervals. A time consuming and expensive case. In no case is the use of chemical agents recommended, which burden the waste, and consequently, the environment, while at the same time the results can not be considered satisfactory. Use the standard mechanical means and with them you will unplug your sewer without any problem! Sometimes chemicals corrode the pipes if they are made of PVC and the installation is old.

First aid for clogged drains by obstruction specialists Apofraxeis Antoniou:

• With a vacuum cleaner for liquid and solid bodies you can deal in many cases with the accumulation of water.
• Biological cleaners are used prophylactically. With regular use, once or twice every two weeks, you will keep your drain clean and free.
• Conventional chemical cleaners in liquid form or in powder form are harmful to the environment, while their action is not guaranteed to be satisfactory.
• Pressure and water from the bottle. You can disassemble the pipe with the special compressed air bottle. Fill the basin or tub with water up to about 3 cm and forcefully press the special cap of the bottle on the pipette.
• Clogging suction cup. Fill the sink with hot water and cover the overflow with a cloth. Place the suction cup on the pipette and work it up and down.
• The suction pump works like an air pump. The blockage is done by suction. The accumulated water is absorbed and transferred to a bucket.
• Cleaning the odour trap. Loosen the screw connections of the osmotic with a crab used by the plumbers or with a simple gas pump. The odour trap is removed and disassembled. Residues are removed with a brush, hot water and fat-soluble cleaner. An obstruction spiral is the right tool for cleaning long pipes. For home use, a brush with a length of 5 to 10 meters is enough. After disassembling the odour trap, carefully insert the occluding coil. If you find an obstacle, turn it hard, but carefully, right and left.
• Osmotic trap cleaner. A self-cleaning tool that works with water pressure. It is a hose that is screwed onto the tap and inserted into the pipette.
• Pressure machine. With this device you create a strong beam of water, with which you rinse the drain pipe effectively.
• Cleaning with compressed air. The cleaning gun that works with the air compressor throws small bursts of compressed air into the clogged pipe.

Professional pipe cleaning by an unblocking company

Extended blockages can only be handled by pipe cleaning services and blockage companies, which use high-efficiency spirals with electric motor and various cleaning heads or other special cleaning devices. The charge for these services varies at different levels.

Find out about the cost of an obstruction in Athens!

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How to disinfect your washing machine

How to disinfect your washing machine

The washing machine – ΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ – is one of the most valuable home appliances for a home. We all need clean clothes with a scent of freshness to make our day a little easier. To achieve this, laundry disinfection is a one-way street. This is not a procedure that should be done every week, of course.

Consider that if you take care of some basic things related to your washing machine, such as leaving the door open for a while after each wash, you won’t need to disinfect it more than once every 2 months to keep it in good condition.

But why is it worth disinfecting your washing machine? In the long run and after many washes, the washing machine accumulates bacteria, fluff and dirt from clothes. As a result, at some point you may notice that your clothes smell bad coming out of the wash. The question is how to completely avoid this.

You don’t have to wait for your favourite clothes to smell like the fabric softener of your choice. Thoroughly clean the inside of the washing machine – SERVICE ΠΛΥΝΤΗΡΙΩΝ – before it is too late. Well, let’s see what a home washing machine disinfection involves with durability and efficiency.

4 points of the washing machine that you need to disinfect!

The process we are describing is not going to take much of your time, so you don’t have to worry about that. To do a complete disinfection in your washing machine, you will need to focus on 4 key points. These points are: the washing machine bucket, the detergent case, the washing machine hose and the washing machine filter.

How often should you repeat the procedure? If your washing machine operates several times a week (more than 3 washes), the ideal solution is to disinfect once a month. For less washing, you can reduce the frequency of disinfection to once every 2 months.

At the same time as disinfecting, you should remember to take the clothes out of the bin soon after each wash and leave the washing machine door open for a while. If you do not follow these basic steps, it is very likely that moisture will slowly accumulate inside the washing machine bucket.

As a result, you may notice mold on your clothes, which is definitely a good idea to avoid. Next, we will look at what is the ideal procedure for disinfecting a washing machine and maintaining it properly.

1. Disinfection of washing machine bucket

The bucket is the most important part of the washing machine that needs to be disinfected. All the clothes that come in for washing are placed in the bucket, in order to be cleaned. At the same time, the bucket is the place that is easier and faster to clean.

Disinfection of washing machine with soda & vinegar

The most natural way to clean a washing machine inside is with baking soda and white vinegar. In half a cup of lukewarm water, mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and mix to make a mixture.

Put your mixture in the detergent case and then pour 2 cups of vinegar into the bucket. Turn off the washing machine and turn it on at a fairly high temperature, without adding clothes. This will disinfect the bucket from germs and bacteria.

Washing machine disinfection with detergent

There is also an even simpler and faster way to disinfect your washing machine bucket. You can put some laundry detergent in the case and put the device in operation, empty of clothes and at a high temperature. You do not need to add any other ingredients in the bucket, the detergent will replace the recipe we suggested with the soda and vinegar.

Finally, once the washing process is complete, you can leave the washing machine door open for a while so that moisture does not accumulate in the bucket. The disinfection is complete and you can stop here, if you do not have time to deal with the washing machine. However, if you have a little more time available, we recommend that you continue with the following tips.

Cleaning the washing machine with bleach

Chlorine can work wonders for many home cleaning and disinfection cases. So, cleaning your laundry with bleach is a method you can follow. All you have to do is put a cup of bleach in the detergent case. Then run the washing machine, empty, without clothes. Choose a high washing temperature and disinfect your laundry with bleach easily and quickly, without any hassle.

2. Laundry rubber disinfection

The rubber of the washing machine is the point where a sock or underwear you are looking for is most likely to be lost. In addition to these items, the rubber, due to its design, is likely to collect fluff and dirt that do not belong in your washing machine.

Then everything that is collected there will start to affect the operation of the washing machine as a whole. What does this mean; The most likely scenario is that they will slowly prevent the clothes being washed from being properly cleaned, especially at low temperatures.

They can also make it difficult for detergent and fabric softener to work, giving off a bad smell to freshly washed clothes. This does not mean that you will not wash again at low temperature, of course. It means that you must include the cleaning of the rubber in the disinfection of the washing machine.

If you don’t have much time to clean it, just clean the inside with a clean cloth. This will get rid of any debris that has accumulated on the tire. If you have a little more time, you can do something even better.

Cleaning laundry laundry with bleach

In a small bowl, mix a little chlorine and twice the amount of hot water. In this mixture you should dip a clean cloth and clean the inside of the rubber well. After 10 minutes, you can rinse the rubber, using another clean cloth, wet only with water.

With this method you will get rid of the residues found in the washing machine rubber, achieving better disinfection of the washing machine and cleaning of the washing machine with bleach.

3. Detergent case disinfection

Has the laundry detergent case collected residue from fabric softener and detergent, or salts? There is no need to worry, because it makes sense to do so after several washes and enough time for the device to work.

The good thing about this case is that the detergent case easily comes out of its place to be cleaned and disinfected. So, if you have some time available for disinfecting a washing machine, you can include this task in your schedule.

Cleaning a detergent case with vinegar

The process is simple and you can follow it twice a month for even better results. First, take the case out of its place. If you see that debris and dirt have accumulated on it, you should soak it in warm water for a while.

Then dip an old toothbrush in warm water with white vinegar and rub the case well, inside and out. Once clean, dry it with a clean cloth and put it back in place. Now, nothing will stop your favourite detergent from doing its job by cleaning your clothes.

4. Wash filter filter disinfection

The washing machine filter is, perhaps, the point we neglect the most to clean. One reason this happens is that we are afraid to damage the inside of the washing machine. However, the filter can pick up dirt as well as other parts of the washing machine.

As a result, it may not be able to clean the water for washing and you may end up washing clothes with dirty water. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, do you? Well, it’s best to know how you can complete the laundry disinfection by cleaning the filter.

The filters in most washing machines are located in the lower right corner of the device. However, you can check your washing machine user manual to make sure the filter is in place and how you can safely remove it. It is very important to consult the manual, because the washing machine model of your home may have special needs, which you must respect.

After removing the filter, it is enough to rinse it with lukewarm water and remove any dirt residue. Do not use bleach or other strong cleaners, as the filter material may wear out. Finally, put it back in place.

Now you know how to easily and quickly disinfect laundry in your home.

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What happens when you do not maintain your sewage

What happens when you do not maintain your sewage

Sewage maintainance –Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– might seem like a dull and basic procedure, but in reality it is something that every household needs. Blocked pipes can deal a lot of damage to your house and the whole plumbing system.

These kinds of damage are unpleasant as they need professional care right away which will probably cost you a lot of money and valuable time. The frequency of your sewage maintanace and cleaning is somehting that you should pay attention on if you want to be problem-free.

The pipes are getting dirty

When your plumbing system is not maintained properly, it is definite that your pipes are getting more and more dirty. The things that you are throwing in your toilet or drains, intentionally or not, are going to create a lot of problems after a while. When they are not getting cleaned frequently, the whole system stops working as it should, leaving you with a plumbing bill and lots of damage.

Sometimes this damage might be unrepairable, especially in houses with very old plumbing systems. At that matter, you are going to have to replace the whole sewage system just because you did not pay attention to the maintainance.

Products are gathering in the pipes

You know how you are using products of styling, hygiene, oral hygiene etc, every day? Well guess what, these products that run with the water through the pipes, are gathering up in them. It might seem funny, but even little pieces of soap and toothpaste can create a massive drin in your system.

And don’t let us start with the kitchen! The amount of oils and grease that end up in the pipes are the worst thing that can happen to a plumbing system. When you are letting them run through the pipes, you are basically letting the oils create a barrier on them, by gathering up other little food scraps.

This will lead to a blocked pipe and of vourse do not forget about the nasty smells. If you are experiencing unpleasant smells in your kitchen or bathroom then you should get a professional at blockage solutions -Αποφράξεις Παπάγου-  to unclog your drain. There is probable a lot of grease and other products stuck in there.

Lower draining performance

Have you notices that your bath tub or sink is not draining the water properly? If the water does not go down the pipes immediately, then there is something that is stalling it. What is that? A mass of hair, sampoo, toothbrush, paper and many other little things.

This is why you need to be super careful when it somes to your sinks, bath tubs and toilet bowls. You should  not throw anything in them as these products will clog or worse create leaks and cuts to your pipes. The low draining performance is one of the last “symptoms” before your tub and sinks get clogged.

Massive leaks and floods

This part is not that common, but you could be the person to experience it and believe us it is not the greatest thing in the world. A leak can start off with small drops of water from the pipes under your sink for example and then become bigger day by day.

If you will not notice a leak on time the consequences could be dangerous. Your valuable items and furniture will be destroyed, as the water will be under them for quite a while. A leak is manageable as the water is not that much and you can use items like a mop, towels and a bucket to absorb the excess water.

What you should be worried about, is a flood. The lack of maintainace could cause a dent or a crack at your pipes. With the pressure of the water, this crack could be the beginning of a disastrous flood which will leave you with many issues includind the need for new floors and furniture.

Loud pipe noises

The noises coming from your pipes are an important warning that your system is in need of a maintainance. The sounds might be either in the form of clings or like water running in the pipes. There could also be noises like a faucet dripping which can be very annoying.

This sound could be a sign of a possible leak due to the lack of proper cleaning and maintainance. Please make sure to deal with it right away.

Mould and other bacteria

The most annoying consequence of the lack of maintainance is the bacteria and mould. Mould can appear wherever there is humidity or large amounts of water. After a leak or a flood, you will notice mould appearing on your walls, floors and even furniture.

Most experts dealing with clogged drains will take up on removing it for you but the most common thing is that it comes back after a while. Mould and bacteria are harmful for the health of people and animals living in the house.

Male sure to check behind your furniture and under the sinks often, and if you happen to notice mould forming on any surface please call the expertsΑποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη. They will deal with your leak and clean the mould.

You are in need of professional help

The last thing that you will eventually need after you have experienced some of the statements above, is professional  help. You should call a blockage-expert workshopΑποφράξεις Πειραιάς– so that they can come at your apartment, house or business and evaluate the situation you have going on there.

After that they will inform you about the costs and the procedure that they will follow to improve your system. But we are definite that this will cost you more than an annual maintainace of your sewage system. Be smart and avoid mistakes that will cause you trouble to your plumbing system.

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