Ford bets $100M on breakthrough battery tech with new research center

Ford bets $100M on breakthrough battery tech with new research center

On Tuesday, Ford introduced the growth of Ford Ion Park, the company’s new collaborative finding out laboratory, which will target on the investigation and creation of EV battery cells.

The automaker will establish Ion Park in Romulus, Michigan, knowing the 2010 determination to make its dwelling point out Ford’s center of excellence for EVs.

“The new lab will aid Ford speed up the battery progress approach to provide even far more able, reasonably priced batteries,” mentioned Anand Sankaran, the Park’s director.

To carry out this mission, Ion Park will target on optimizing all factors of the battery price chain, from mining to recycling.

The study parts will be the subsequent:

  • New manufacturing approaches
  • Revolutionary battery cell styles, like the vertical integration of battery cells and vertical batteries
  • The growth of both of those lithium-ion and good-state batteries

As it occurs, Ford has already invested collectively with BMW $130 million in strong-point out battery tech. Given that reliable-state technology has the prospective of reduced cost and  for a longer period array, it looks that the automaker is decided to be amid the to start with to make the breakthrough. 

Ford will spend $100 million on Ion Park, as aspect of its $185 million general financial investment in developing, screening, and constructing vehicle battery cells and cell arrays.

That’s also portion of the company’s $30 billion expenditure to achieve electrification by 2025, a shorter deadline compared to other significant manufacturers, these as VW, which has targeted 2035, and GM, which has established 2040.

Ion Park will be held at a refurbished 270,000 sq. foot facility, and is expected to accommodate 200 engineers and give thousands of immediate work opportunities.

All in all, that is a massive go for Ford, and I feel it plainly demonstrates that the EV industry’s concentration has shifted fully to battery improvement.

In other phrases, whichever automakers are the speediest to locate the greatest battery tech that will lower price, increase variety, and deal with mining concerns, will be the types that get the lead in the EV marketplace.

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