FOREO IRIS For Younger Looking Eyes?

You know that I am always looking for ways to firm the skin around my eyes. I’ve been at it for years, trying every firming eye cream or gel on the market. But when FOREO, the Swedish manufacturer of beauty and health devices such as the FOREO Luna, the sonic cleanser, came out with the IRIS, billed as an Illuminating or Anti-aging Eye Massager, it caught my eye LOL. IRIS must have launched in 2017 because that year it made the Beauty Shortlist Awards (I have never heard of that award). Last year, I read a few positive reviews of the FOREO IRIS, and I had it in the back of my mind for months.

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IRIS’ Function and Benefits

FOREO IRIS For Younger Looking Eyes?

Here’s how FOREO describes the IRIS and its benefits:

The uniquely designed and ophthalmologist approved IRIS eye massager utilizes alternating T-Sonic™ technology to reduce the visible signs of crow’s feet, dark circles, and bags under your eyes. IRIS also dramatically improves the absorption and efficacy of your favorite eye cream or serum.

Often one to go my own way, I intended to also use it to try to firm and smooth the skin under my brows/above my crease. It seems that FOREO thought of that, too.

The IRIS was created to function similarly to the lymphatic eye massages practiced in Asia that are done with the fingers. But with the addition of sonic technology, it is supposed to be more effective at smoothing eye contours than with fingers alone.

The unit has two modes:

  • Pure Mode: gently replicates the feeling of a manual massage with light tapping motions to prevent signs of aging before they develop 
  • Spa Mode: combines tapping with delicate pulsations, to erase more pronounced signs of aging. 

I should be doing Spa Mode 100% of the time, but I use both.

Where I Bought Mine and How to Use It

After trying to find a discount on the IRIS for months to no avail (it is excluded from the frequent sales at online retailers such as and etc.), I finally went for it during one of the VIB sales at Sephora.  Was it in December or in April? I can’t remember, but I think it must have been in 2021 since it is helped me almost retain my VIB status for next year.  Plus, the 15% off was better than nothing on this pricey beauty tool. I chose the Petal Pink shade because that’s the color of my FOREO Luna. The IRIS comes in 4 colors on the FOREO website: Petal Pink, Black, Magenta, and Mint (looks like aqua to me). I think there are only two colors available at Sephora.

The IRIS, like the Luna, is made from non-porous medical-grade silicone that resists bacteria buildup. Plus, it’s very soft and smooth. It’s hypoallergenic and free of BPA and phthalates. It’s also waterproof.

FOREO IRIS For Younger Looking Eyes?

The FOREO IRIS arrived in a sturdy and attractive white box with a soft pink fabric bag for travel or storage to protect the IRIS and keep it clean.

FOREO IRIS For Younger Looking Eyes?

It came with a sample packet of FOREO Serum that I just found now and a Quick Start pamphlet. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the information online about registering my product in order to activate the 2 year warranty, and I believe it must be too late now since it is months since I bought it.

FOREO IRIS For Younger Looking Eyes?

When I took it out of the packaging, I connected the power cord and plugged it into my charger (the charger doesn’t come with it). It charged in a few minutes, very quick. And it holds a charge for up to 50 usage occasions. I can’t remember if I have had to recharge it yet.

FOREO IRIS For Younger Looking Eyes?

The sonic massage can be adjusted with the Plus and Minus indented pads on the front of the unit: faster or slower. The on/off pad is in between the Plus/Minus keys. The on/off pad is also used to switch between Pure Mode and Spa Mode. Supposedly with all of the adjustments and modes, it has 8 different speeds. I don’t think I have experienced all 8. I stick with what feels like it works best for me.

The way to use it is to choose either Pure or Spa Mode, adjust the speed with the Plus/Minus keys and then by moving the sonic “loop” from the inside of the eye to the outside. As with the Luna, the device has a 30 second timer that tells you when it’s time to move on to the next location.

FOREO IRIS For Younger Looking Eyes?

Dot eye serum or eye cream around the eye, and use the sonic vibrations of the IRIS to “rub it in”. Next, massage the under eye area from the inside out for 30 seconds. Then place the unit so that it is resting just above the brow again from the inside out for 30 seconds. Repeat for the other eye.

My Thoughts

I have owned the FOREO IRIS for several months, and I use it only occasionally. I just can’t get myself to use it every day, twice a day, or even just at night, every night. I do find it very relaxing to use it, but it is still one more thing in my routine that I have to do. I guess I am lazier than I thought, or I didn’t realize that it would be a bit of a chore to add yet another step to my routine. In fact, I have put off reviewing the IRIS for a few months because I hoped that I would use it enough to give a useful opinion on whether it made a difference in my eye contours or not.

But as a result of my less than regular usage of the IRIS, I cannot say that I can see any changes to the contours of my eyes. I guess if you are considering buying an expensive beauty tool, you should be sure that you will be disciplined enough to use it frequently. I will try to get myself to use it at least 2 or 3 times a week. At least buying it at Sephora, it helped me re-qualify for VIB status.

So unless you know you will use it all the time, I would say it’s nice to have but certainly not a necessity. Frankly, I wish I had spent the money to upgrade my first generation FOREO Luna to one of the new, much more advanced models because I do use my Luna all the time.

The regular price for the FOREO IRIS is $139. It’s sold on the FOREO website, at Sephora, Ulta Beauty,,,, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Currently, it’s on sale at Lord & Taylor for $118 (and you might even qualify for an extra 15% off if you’re a first time L&T purchaser). was advertising the black IRIS for $25 less, but I am not sure if it would be an older model.

What do you think? Would the FOREO IRIS be a worthwhile investment for you, or not?


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