Interview with NY Times/Hallmark Publishing Best Selling Author, Caridad Pineiro!

During the summer, our reading habits often switch to lighter, more fun fare. At the beach or in the backyard, I know I enjoy a juicy, fast moving story that’s suits my summer moods.

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Recently, Caridad Pineiro’s novel, South Beach Love, came my way. It’s the perfect summer or warm weather read! Let me tell you a little bit about the book and its author.

Interview with NY Times/Hallmark Publishing Best Selling Author, Caridad Pineiro!

Caridad Pineiro, Prolific Best Selling Author

Caridad Pineiro, born in Havana Cuba but raised in the New York area, is a well-known, New York Times and USA Today best selling author who has written well over 50 novels and novellas over the past two decades. Caridad is well-known as a romance writer, but her romances often mix with other genres like suspense, the paranormal and the military! Plus she sometimes brings in Latin culture and customs to her novels.

Interview with NY Times/Hallmark Publishing Best Selling Author, Caridad Pineiro!

A writer who encourages other writers, Caridad Pineiro, helped found the Liberty States Fiction Writers, and she holds workshops to help other writers hone their skills. She also participates in writing conferences to meet others and to continue to develop her own craft. What really blew me away was to learn that while writing so many romance novels, Caridad worked as an attorney practicing in New York City! She even wrote some of her novels aboard New Jersey Transit while she commute to and from the office!

South Beach Love

Interview with NY Times/Hallmark Publishing Best Selling Author, Caridad Pineiro!

The novel that I just read by Caridad Pineiro, South Beach Love, published by Hallmark Publishing, has several well-integrated themes. In fact, I would call it a romance, a young adult novel, a multicultural novel, and a novel that leverages our current craze with chefs and cooking! Yet, it all works together seamlessly. 

South Beach Love is a story about rival quinceañeras (the Latin coming of age celebration for 15 year old girls), tantalizing Cuban cooking, competition and friendship, family ties, and romance. I hesitate to tell you too much more about the tale for fear of spoiling the twists and turns of the engaging plot, but I know you’ll be hooked from the first page. You may even learn a little conversational Spanish along the way! Plus, at the end, the novel shares a delicious recipe for Tres Leches Cake with Banana & Coconut that I am eager to make.

Interview with NY Times/Hallmark Publishing Best Selling Author, Caridad Pineiro!

Getting to Know Caridad Pineiro: An Interview with the Author

Deb Chase, the leader of the Fashion Flash group and a writer herself, sat down virtually with Caridad Pineiro for an in-depth interview and has shared the conversation with Never Say Die Beauty. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have! 

  • How and when did you start writing romance? I wrote my first book in the fifth grade when a teacher made us write a book for a class lending library. I kept on writing through high school and college and my first book was published in 1999!
  • What was your first book? My first book was “Now and Always” which was released by Kensington Publishing. It was a contemporary romance set in Miami about an FBI Agent who goes undercover just as she is beginning a relationship with the handsome doctor who was helping recover from an injury.
  • What was your inspiration for South Beach Love? I wanted to write a romance that was about the importance of family ties and traditions. It seemed like a good way to showcase those things was to have the hero and heroine be chefs because I feel that foods can help people learn more about their history. It’s also a great way to share a culture with others since who doesn’t like good food?
  • How many books have you written? Titles? OMG, I’ve published over fifty novels and novellas since 1999. This year I have a few releases: “Cold Case Reopened” from Harlequin Intrigue in March 2021, “South Beach Love” from Hallmark Publishing in May 2021, and “Trapping a Terrorist” in October 2021. In February 2022 I have a very special release, “The Family She Never Met” which includes many real life stories from my family, as well as a couple of other releases from Harlequin Intrigue (no titles yet!).
  • Do you have a favorite book? I have a few favorite books but one that I have read and reread is “The Wolf and the Dove” by Kathleen Woodiwiss. My favorite series is the IN DEATH series by J.D. Robb.
  • Who do you like to read? I like to read mostly contemporary romances, but will sneak in some non-fiction on occasion.
  • What is your writing process? Do you plot out the story or do you just start writing? I’m kind of a plotter. I do a very loose synopsis for shorter books or a chapter-by-chapter outline where I just write a few sentences about each chapter. Then I start to write, but I’m flexible if the story takes me somewhere not in the original plan.
  • How do you sit down to write? Early morning? Do you give yourself a daily word goal? I usually get up early, around six or so, and write for several hours. I don’t sit at a desk since I did that way too often when I had a 9 to 5 job. I have a comfy futon where I sit with my laptop or if the weather is really nice, I go out on my balcony. I don’t set a word count normally. I will also sometimes write in the afternoon and I work on my blog posts and social media posts at night.
  • What are you proudest of? I am very proud to have been a RITA Finalist since that’s like the Oscars of the romance world. I’m also very proud to be a NY Times and USA Today Bestseller. I am also very proud to have a wonderful daughter who also likes to write and is making a name for herself with a unique project, Seoul Searching, an online romance novel where you can learn Korean as well!
  • What is your next project? I am currently at work on a Harlequin Intrigue revolving around a K-9 training academy. After that I’ll be writing the first book of a series for Harlequin Intrigue. The series is about a family-run private security company in Miami. I also normally work on a few other projects that I hope we will be able to sell to a publisher.
  • I saw that South Beach Love was published by Hallmark. Will it be a TV movie? I am hoping it will be a movie. I really think that it’s very cinematic and would translate well into a movie.
  • I loved the recipes in South Beach Love—do you like to cook? I love to cook! It was so much fun sharing the recipes in the book and readers can also download a free copy of a recipe book that I did to celebrate the release of “South Beach Love.” You can find out more about the free e-book via Kindle Unlimited at

It was so interesting to learn more about Caridad’s background, influences, writing process, projects, and more. I encourage you to pick up South Beach Love or another of Caridad’s novels. They are available on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Check out her website for even more info!  And if you love cooking as much as I do, download her free e-book of recipes. It is available in different formats. I downloaded the free pdf via ProlificWorks, and most of the recipes make terrific party food. Plus, each chapter in the recipe book includes not only a recipe germane to one of her books, but also a glimpse into many of her novels, usually a sample of the book. Not only will you come away with some wonderful recipes, but you can determine which of her novels appeal most to you!

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