Is fast charging bad for your EV battery?

Is fast charging bad for your EV battery?

When rapidly chargers arrived to city, they solved a enormous EV difficulty: long charging occasions. After all, who’d like to hold out for hrs rather of juicing up their automobile in 20 to 30 minutes?

But, there is one issue we want to keep in brain: we should not overdo it. DC speedy chargers (or Amount 3) degrade the battery quicker than AC chargers (or Level 1 and 2) do.

Quickly charging a battery implies that large currents are made that result in high temperatures — and both equally are recognised to pressure batteries. 

So, how lousy is it actually?

Reports expose there is in fact a visible deterioration price.

According to Geotab, for instance, the battery’s condition of health (SOH) is affected by how generally a car or truck is employing DC fast charging.

The telematics corporation exclusively examined EVs operating in hot weather situations that have demonstrated to be a lot more straining for the battery.

Credit score: Geotab