July 4th Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Roundup

Can you believe that July 4th weekend, and Canada Day yesterday, are here already? Half the year gone. Yikes!

The temperature has gone from 100 degrees in Boston just two days ago to 57 degrees now. From weather too hot to go to the beach to constant rain. Oh well. That’s climate change in New England. We’re hoping we’ll come up with some fun things to do anyway.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend relaxing with friends, family or even on your own. If you have a chance, please check out the weekly roundup from the Beauty Spotlight Team. There’s such variety this weekend. And there’s a recipe from Kristen that you must check out. I plan to make it this weekend! And after reading Prime Beauty’s post, I couldn’t resist and I bought the set she was reviewing. Enjoy!

Beauty Spotlight Team 1

We’ve all heard of crow’s feet, laugh lines, and frown lines. But when it comes to the battle against wrinkles, most of us are guilty of neglecting our neck and décolletage. Find out to get rid of neck wrinkles, turkey neck & tech neck as Barbie’s Beauty Bits shares Neck Lift Without Surgery.
The Westman Atelier Foundation Brush has thoroughly captivated Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog. This impossibly soft, and decidedly effective, cruelty-free paddle shaped brush offers a perfect streak-free finish. Check out the full review to see why this ultra-luxe brush is truly covet-worthy.
It’s strawberry season and this versatile recipe from Kristen at The Culinary Cure is packed with flavor and micronutrients that help support glowing skin and a happy waistline. Here’s a little tip: Eating fruits and vegetables grown locally and in season gives us more health benefits. When our food has to travel and spend time in storage the nutritional value declines. So, hit the local farmers market and whip-up a batch of Strawberry Jalapeño Salsa for the holiday weekend. It’s actually quite delicious used as the base for a strawberry margarita too. Perfect in your glass and perfect served with blue corn tortilla chips for the 4th of July!
Prime Beauty has finally found the perfect full coverage foundation in the 4-Pc. Doll 10 Makeup Miracles Set!
Over on Southeast by Midwest Cassie is reviewing and swatching the third of five Beauty Bakerie Lip Glosses. Head on over to see what she thinks of the Jellyana Lip Gloss.
As part of her Style Tips Series, Angie at Your True Self Blog has a Style Tip of the Day:  How to Look Better in Comfy Clothes. This nugget of advice is good for casual events such as the 4th of July, as well as for any day you just want to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time!
If being outdoors is part of your holiday weekend agenda, Rubber Ducky sunscreens in traditional and natural as well as the yummiest vanilla lip balms with high SPF are Never Say Die Beauty‘s new skin protection crush. Check them out here and on Amazon!

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