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I had one of those days where all of a sudden everything started going wrong. Maybe because the temperature was 96 degrees and probably just as much humidity. The stifling weather made everything worse.

You may think this is weird, but I hate to turn on the central A/C. While I am lucky to have A/C, I hate closing the windows and the doors in the summer and feeling like I am stuck in the house. We have so many cold months in the Boston area where the windows and doors have to be closed. So in the summer, I love to get fresh air. 

As I was making dinner, I had to get rid of vegetables in the fridge that I didn’t get to eat before they went bad. Jeff was bringing me cucumbers, yellow squash, celery, kale, and peppers from his garden, so I had to make room. I just didn’t have time or the inclination to run out to the compost pile in the woods with the spoiled veggies, so I foolishly used my disposal.

I don’t know why they make garbage disposals because my plumber tells me not to use it. Not ever. But I did. The disposal did well grinding up the carrot peels and even the lettuce that went bad. So I thought I would go for it and grind up the broccolini that I didn’t get to use before it turned yellowish. Major mistake. Though it ground up about half of it, when I put in the last few pieces, the sink stopped draining and water started to build up in the sink. I shut off the disposal because nothing was happening, and I was afraid I would burn out the motor.

A couple of years ago, the plumber showed me how to get my sink to drain by using gravity to move the clog along the pipes. But it had been so long since I did that trick that I think I screwed up the procedure. I put the stopper in the stopped up sink, and I closed the drain for the connected mini-prep sink. Then I filled the big sink with hot water 2/3 of the way up. Then I removed the stopper hoping that the weight of the water would go down the drain and push the clog along through the pipes. Unfortunately, nothing happened. So I turned on the disposal, and it starting spewing ground up broccolini into the sink full of water. What a mess. I can’t remember what I did wrong.

I put as many dirty dishes in my dishwasher as I could, and Jeff and I hand washed the non-dishwasher items in the small bathroom sink. Ugh. I can’t run the dishwasher till the plumber unclogs the pipes since they use the same pipes. 

What do you think the chances are that the plumber will come on Saturday? Slim to none? Probably.

Enough of my minor problems. Hope all is going well so far this weekend for you! 

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