My Scentbird Fragrance of the Quarter: Gold EDP from Commodity

I’ve been a Scentbird subscriber for at least 7 years, but instead of getting a fragrance sample every month, I get a 30 day sample four times a year, quarterly. Whenever I see a fragrance that sounds like something I would like to try, I add it to my fragrance queue.

My Scentbird Fragrance of the Quarter: Gold EDP from Commodity

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Recently, I received my June sample. I chose Gold from the American indie or niche brand Commodity.

My Scentbird Fragrance of the Quarter: Gold EDP from Commodity

Commodity is or was sold at Sephora, and before COVID, I had tried most, if not all, of the Commodity testers at the store. I probably tried Gold, but I don’t remember exactly. I added Gold to my queue because the warm notes in this eau de parfum are the ones that I gravitate toward:

  • vanilla
  • benzoin
  • tonka bean
  • sandalwood
  • amber.

To me, it sounded like I couldn’t miss with many of my favorite notes. The part that I missed in the description before I bought it is the descriptor “gourmand”. Gourmand scents are food-like fragrances, and Gold definitely fits that bill. The vanilla is front and center. Gold should delight those who love vanilla gourmand scents. It smells like a yummy sugar cookie.

For me, however, Gold is a little too sweet. I am sorely missing a strongish spice note to balance things out. But I will still wear it when I’m in the mood for something quite sweet, and I’m sure I will finish up the sample. Though it’s not a perfect fit for my taste, it’s still close enough to be worth the $15.95 I paid for it.

If you’re intrigued by this vanilla bomb, here’s the description of the fragrance:

“Rich enough to bathe in, this decadent fragrance is an intoxicating journey to one’s innermost desires, thoughts and impulses. Its warm gourmand scent is a luxurious blend of molten amber, balsamic benzoin and sweet vanilla.”

According to Fragrantica, Gold is a gender neutral scent. I’m not so sure, but you never know. Some men may enjoy smelling like a sugar cookie. Also, those who have tried it say that it is an autumn or winter scent. And they may be right since it might be perfect to wear while making or eating Christmas cookies.

The main accords are listed on Fragrantica in order of strength as:

  • vanilla
  • amber
  • powdery
  • woody 
  • sweet
  • warm spicy
  • aromatic 
  • balsamic.

Gee, reading the Fragrantica list of accords that I am doing now for the first time would make me think even more that this should have been a slam dunk for me.

My Scentbird Fragrance of the Quarter: Gold EDP from Commodity

Here’s some more info on the fragrance:

“Gold by Commodity is an Amber fragrance for women and men. Gold was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Donna Ramanauskas. Top notes are Camphor, Juniper Berries and Bergamot; middle notes are Amber, Benzoin and Haitian Vetiver; base notes are Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood and Musk.”

So interesting. Now I understand why it is considered gender neutral: camphor, juniper berries, vetiver. Immediately after spraying the scent, I can smell those bright, uplifting notes, but they are volatile and disappear quickly.  

Gold is moderately lasting. On me, I think it lasts a couple of hours (but I am still thinking that almost no scents last on me lately). With the way I have been describing Gold, you’d think it has enormous sillage (i.e. how far the scent broadcasts), but it doesn’t. It wears surprisingly close to the skin.

Gold by Commodity is a terrific scent for vanilla lovers. If you’re an amber lover, you would have to love the vanilla-amber combination because amber plays a supporting role. So if you love sweet vanilla gourmand scents, you must try Gold by Commodity.

Right now, Gold by Commodity is out of stock at Sephora and on the Commodity website, but it is listed as “coming soon”. Gold is available now on Scentbird in the 0.27 ml spray vial for both subscribers and for non-subscribers.

If you’re interested in giving Scentbird’s subscription a go, I would be grateful if you’d use my referral code. As I mentioned earlier, I have stayed with Scentbird for so long because it is easy to modify the frequency of the subscription to suit yourself and you can change it or cancel at any time. Although Scentbird has lots of designer and celebrity fragrances, they are getting more and more niche brands as time goes on.

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