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Computer lessons for kids

Computer lessons for kids

In the effort to acquire knowledge at every level, children nowadays need to take computer lessons –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα.  In the context of the effort to create the developments in the field of Informatics, the educational organization implements an innovative computer learning program from elementary to high school children.

The purpose of the program is to familiarize children with the world of Computers, the gradual development of knowledge about their operation and applications, as well as the creation of the now required IT Culture, which will help children to benefit from its advantages in the future . At the same time, the children, moving through the classes of the program, obtain the Diplomas of Informatics that are recognized in Greece and in Europe.
The program of the children’s classes is called kids, it is implemented with the support of special trainers and its philosophy is based on a continuous educational process with a number of courses, exercises and projects.

What is the appropriate age to start having computer lessons?

The appropriate class of the school for a child to start his computer education is the 3rd or 4th grade and above, where he is classified in the 1st grade. From there begins the basic curriculum of the children’s departments of which leads to the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge in Informatics. This program consists of 5 basic level classes (A, B, C, D, E) and 5 specialized level selection classes (F_Cisco, F_Expert, F_Web, F_Graf, F_Progr). Each class is completed in winter with one two hours per week (or three hours for larger classes), or in summer with 8 hours per week (or 10 hours for larger classes).

After the E class, our primary role as has been completed since the children acquire all the basic education in Informatics and at the same time have obtained the Informatics Diplomas that are recognized in Greece and Abroad and are required by all Public Competitions – ASEP.

After the 5th grade, all children who wish can continue by choosing one or more specialized selection classes such as: Computer Technician with Cisco Certification or Office Automation for Advanced Users with Proficiency or Web Design or Graphic Design or Programming with corresponding Certifications.

With the help of a tutor, kids, children learn computers from their school years and obtain the Certification Diplomas required in every job as well as in the Greek public. Above all, however, children acquire IT Education in order to be able to cope with the modern demands of society.

Qualifications and Certificates

Students who complete this class are able to learn in detail how the internal components of a computer work, how to assemble a computer, how to repair a broken computer, how to install an operating system or any program, how everything works types of printers and scanners, how they are connected to a computer or a network, how to deal with basic and advanced problems that may arise in a network and generally that has to do with technical knowledge on computers, their peripherals devices and networks.
By attending the F _ Expert class, the child will be able to obtain the Proficiency level diplomas, ie the Cambridge Proficiency or the Ecdl Expert. For information, it should be mentioned that Proficiency level diplomas are something similar to advanced foreign language diplomas and will score more in public recruitment. Especially when your children graduate from High School or University, the requirements will have increased and maybe then in the plethora of qualifications that will be required to stand out really those who have proficiency level diplomas.

With ADOBE, ACTA certification

The Web Design class comes to meet the needs of modern webmasters. Students extend the little knowledge they have acquired in the basic education of the 5 classes in WebDesign subjects and are taught all the basic web development programs, emphasizing modern techniques that can only be used by professionals by experience.

Tutors.gr online platform

If you are a parent then you know how hard it is to find a decent tutor for your children. Instead of looking for a tutor online or at the local papers, you should tune in the platform of tutors.gr.  After you create your account, you can see the availability of computer teachers and basically any school subject, math, physics, foreign languages, etc.

In order to get more information for the courses, the hours, availability, the prices and whatever else you need to know, you can contact the tutors with a personal message. You are able to contact your teacher and learn more about your children’s lessons. You can choose either private classes in person at your place or online private courses!

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