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Galaxy Z Fold2 review and specs

Galaxy Z Fold2 review and specs

The Galaxy Z Fold2 –θήκες κινητών– features enhanced optimizations and substantial innovations to offer new folding experiences to those looking for cutting-edge technology. With a larger external display and a huge main screen, the Galaxy Z Fold2 combines rugged design, an exceptional level of craftsmanship and new intuitive features for a unique mobile experience that offers the flexibility that everyday life requires.

“Our journey into the next generation of mobile devices is full of originality and innovation,” said Dr.TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “For the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, we listened carefully to user feedback to ensure we offer substantial hardware improvements while developing new innovations to improve the user experience. “Further enhanced by our top partnerships with Google and Microsoft, we are reshaping and redefining the mobile experience.”

New sophisticated design

The Galaxy Z Fold2 combines bold design and advanced mechanisms and technologies, for guaranteed efficiency in everyday use.

A complete, immersive content tracking experience 1 – The 6.2-inch Infinity external display  will provide you the maximum usability you need for any activity. From checking emails, searching for instructions to tracking content, without having to fold and unfold the device each time. When folded, the huge 7.6-inch internal display, with minimized bezels and front-facing camera without notch, will impress you with its refresh rate of 120Hz, for a smooth navigation and of course, gaming. For a complete experience, the Galaxy Z Fold2 comes with the best dynamic sound currently available on a Galaxy device, with enhanced stereo effects and clearer sound than the high-dynamic dual speakers.

Robust design and exceptional level of craftsmanship – The Galaxy Z Fold2 has a redesigned, sleek, unified look with a refined finish. The internal display features the Ultra Thin Glass by Samsung, providing a premium and refined feel. Its design is getting even greater because of the Hideaway Hinge, which can fit snugly inside the body of the device using the CAM mechanism. This allows it to stand at a free fixed angle, feeding all the new experiences of the Flex function. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Particle removal technology

The Galaxy Z Fold2 also features a technology which removes particles , first introduced in the Galaxy Z Flip, which is used to repel dust particles and other unwanted contaminants from the gap between the body of the smartphone and the body of the folding mechanism. As the Galaxy Z Fold2 has a sophisticated third generation design, the space occupied by the particle removal mechanism is even smaller than in the Galaxy Z Flip.

To achieve this, Samsung has developed new innovative technology that ensures the same level of protection in a smaller space. The Galaxy Z Fold2 Concealed Folding Mechanism features revolutionary thin-cut technology, modified composition and adjusted fiber density.

Customizable personal style

For those who want to stand out even more, Samsung offers an online personalization tool for the Galaxy Z Fold2 with four impressive colors for the hidden folding mechanism – Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Red, and Metallic Blue. Now, fans of Samsung, are finally able to create the Galaxy Z Fold2 that perfectly complements their unique character and needs, by adding their touch to a luxurious design3.

Personalized capture and display

The innovative folding design and sophisticated look of the Galaxy Z Fold2 take unique mobile experiences to a whole new level. The Galaxy Z Fold2 combines Flex4 functionality with App Continuity5 functionality to provide extended usability, blurring the line between external and internal displays. This flexibility allows users to create or watch content that is customized to their liking, whether the device is folded, fixed, or folded.

A device as flexible and productive as its owner – With Flex, creating and controlling content in real time is easier than ever. With Capture View 6, the camera app now includes the latest shots. The user can view the photo or video they have just taken, or check up to five of their most recent shots in the lower half of the device’s internal screen, and a preview of the next shot will be displayed in the top half of the device. Alternatively, users can be even more creative with Auto Framing 7.

Phone cases and Accessories for Galaxy Z Fold 2

It is true that cases are almost impossible to get on the new Samsung smartphone but it is not impossible because you can at least cover the back of it! This way, your smartphone is going to be protected from scratches and dents and your huge display will always be clean!

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